Amir Ben-Amram

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Annotated publication list gives an overview of my research and links to on-line available papers.
Check out this Wordle to see the prominent keywords.

The Size-Change-Termination Page summarizes my research on this method for program termination analysis.

A few research presentations:
slides from FOPARA 2013: Ranking Functions for Linear-Constraint Loops (corresponds to recent JACM paper with Samir Genaim).
slides from STACS 2013: Mortality of Iterated Piecewise Affine Functions over the Integers: Decidability and Complexity .

Other presentations:
Simple programs that are hard to analyze, a presentation in honour of Neil Jones on the occasion of the SIGPLAN Programming Languages Achievement Award
and video

Publicly accessible demo progams:



Following are short descriptions in English of courses that have taught.

Graduate projects

Undergraduate courses:

Algorithms (אלגוריתמים)
Theory of computation (חישוביות)
Complexity (סיבוכיות)

Topics in the theory of computation (נושאים בתאוריה של מדעי המחשב )
Introduction to Automata and Formal Languages

Graduate courses:

Principles of Programming Languages
Topics in Static Program Analysis
Advanced course on data structures

Algorithmics for hard problems (קורס מתקדם באלגוריתמים)
Seminar on Quantum Computation



Computer-Science Links

(my contribution to

Fritz Henglein's talk on an important topic: Also in static analysis, soundness is not enough.

There is nothing as practical as a good theory: Russ Cox's article on regular expression matching

Ian Parberry's referee's guide for theoretical computer science

Advice for session chairs in conferences

Integrity under attack: the state of scholarly publishing is an important article by Douglas N. Arnold, SIAM preseident, on the damages caused by article-counting and citation-counting (combined with the flaws of human nature, in particular greed).

Martin Tompa's famous article Figures of Merit, a (tongue in cheek) look at the ramifications of alphabetising authors' names, as is standard in Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

Google Scholar

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

Zentralblatt MATH Database

SCIGEN: An Automatic Generator of Conference Papers and MathGen, for Mathematics journal papers (read their blog!)
A related experiment is Alan Sokal's submission of a non-sense Cultural Studies paper (but not a randomly-generated one).


Beyond Computer Science

Here are links to two groups that stand for important causes:



My Erdös number is 3 (via Uri Zwick and Noga Alon).

My PhD advisor was Zvi Galil. His advisor was John Hopcroft. My mathematical ancestry can be traced back to the 16th century thanks to the Mathematics Genealogy Project.



I am no longer at the Tel-Aviv Yaffo College; my Google mail address is benamram.amir .