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Some selected workshop ("sadna") projects submitted by students in previous years

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Integrated Development Environments

Cellular Phones

  • MRC (Mouse Remote Control) - Control your computer's mouse pointer by gesturing with your cellphone. Available for both Windows Mobile and the Apple iPhone.

Educational tools

  • An online graphic molecular symmetry exploration system and a short example demo. This project was performed in collaboration with Dr. Inbal Tuvi-Arad from the Dept. of Natural Sciences, the  Open University of Israel.

  • BibTeX Merge - Is a simple on-line tool for mearging bibliographic files (BibTeX files) and eliminating double references.

Image Processing and Computer Vision 

  • Fusion - Image fusion software based on the algorithm by Burt & Kolczynski. (old project!)

  • ImageCompletion - Image hole filling software, based on the algorithm by Wexler, Shechtman & Irani (old project!)

  • T-Rex - Video based navigation of a remote controlled car using OpenCV. Includes source code examples for using the  OpenCV library with the .net GUI and threading libraries by using C++ with managed extensions.

  • The Self Similarity image descriptor - An implementation of the image descriptor originally described by Eli Shechtman and Michal Irani. (only results are made available). See also text contributed by project members on using the OpenCV SDK from MATLAB in MATLAB central.

  • GooEdit - Inspired by the FlyEdit project (see below), GooEdit is a Chrome, HTML5 plug-in for editing images whereever they appear in a web-page. No executable code, no uploading to web-services, and you don't have to leave the web-page. Just select an image and start editing.
    We are looking for students to continue working on this project this year!

  • FlyEdit - Edit images in Firefox, wherever they appear in web-pages.

  • Animosaix - A photo-mosaic screen saver for Windows

Stock Market

  • IndicatorAnalysis - Extendable software for technical analysis of stocks, includes historical data download capabilities.

  • Stalker - An application with a unique interface for monitoring stock portfolio information.

System Apps

  • Monitor Center - A system designed to help control and monitor computers in a local network. Open source available. 


  • TranslateMe - Let's you select text anywhere (even in images using OCR technology) and get its translation or meaning using any one of: Google Translate, Google Dictionary, Dictionary.com and WikiPedia. Inspired by the Interpres project (see below).

  • Interpres - Application for translating text (words or whole sentences) from English to Hebrew.