Database Management Systems

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SQL tutorial in hebrew a minimal requirement for the course.
SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine, which we will use in the course.


These are the slides (Hebrew!!!) and Exercises (Hebrew!!!) for the course. Solutions are released as we go along.

 Lecture  Slides (ppt)  Exercises (doc)   Date due   Solution
 Introduction  Introduction      
 ER Model  ER model  exercise 1 24/10/18  sol 1
 Relational Model  Relational Model  exercise 2 28/11/18  sol 2
 SQL  SQL  exercise 3
 exercise 4
 sol 3
 sol 4
 Integrity Constraints  Integrity Constraints  exercise 5 26/12/18  sol 5
 Database Design  Database Design  exercise 6 02/01/19  sol 6
 Indexing and Hashing  Indexing and Hashing  exercise 7 23/01/19  sol 7
  Concurrency Control  Concurrency Control  exercise 8  sol 8
 Recovery  Recovery  exercise 9  sol 9

Further exercises

may be downloaded here

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