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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Russel and Norvig. The book's homepage includes slides, a code repository, data and errata.

Lecture slides, exercises and solutions

 Lecture  Slides (ppt)  Exercises (doc)   Weight   Date due   Solution (doc)
  Introduction  Introduction
  Search   Search   exercise 1   2%   20/3/17   sol1
  Informed Search   informed search   exercise 2   2%   27/3/17   sol2
  Constrained Satisfaction Problems   csp   exercise 3   8%   24/4/17   sol3
  Game Playing  game playing   exercise 4   2%   24/4/17   sol4
  Bayesian networks  bayesian   exercise 5   4%   22/5/17   sol5
  Simple decisions  simple decisions   exercise 6   2%   29/5/17   sol6
  Complex decisions  complex decisions   exercise 7   4%   5/6/17   sol7
  Learning  learning