List of errors in "Algorithms and Programs" (1st printing - 2002)

This list contains only material errors.
Last update: November 26, 2003

Position Text Correct Text
p.33, table 3.3 X ∈ Variable X,Y ∈ Variable
p.42, bottom v y
p.69, line 6 tl i-1 A hd tl i-1 hd A
p.77, line 9 C := 1 if X then C := 1 else C := 1
p.90, line 24 goto Ret goto L
p.100, "GOTO" column goto Ret goto L
p.100, "GOTO" column push Tmp, Valst push Tmp, Val
p.229, ex. 2 & 3 NP ∈ B NP ∋ B
p.229, ex. 3 B p A A p B
p.233, line following Claim 18.4 IS p SAT SAT p IS
p.238, lines -6, -5 w u