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Book Chapters

1.      A. Akavia
Learning Significant Fourier Coefficients over Finite Abelian Groups
The Encyclopedia of Algorithms, Editor Ming-Yang Kao, Springer-Verlag, 2008
Cited by 63 (book citations)


Refereed Journal Papers

2.      A. Akavia
Deterministic Sparse Fourier Approximation via Fooling Arithmetic Progressions
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Volume 60, Issue 3, Pages 1733-1742, March 2014;
impact factor 2.326

3.      A. Akavia
Explicit small sets with
e-discrepancy on Bohr sets
Information Processing Letters (IPL), Volume 114, Issue 10, Pages 564-567, October, 2014; source normalized impact per paper (SNIP) 0.987

4.      A. Akavia, H. Senderowitz, A. Lerner, R. Shamir
Designing Multi-Route Synthesis in Combinatorial Chemistry
J. Comb. Chem., 6, 540-548, 2004; 2004 impact factor 4.197


Refereed Conference Papers

5.      O. Mokryn, A. Akavia and D. Ben-Yaacov
To Share Content or Not to Share? This is the Peering Question
The 20th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), July 2015

6.      Adi Akavia, Andrej Bogdanov, Siyao Guo, Akshay Kamath and Alon Rosen Candidate Weak Pseudorandom Functions in AC0 o MOD2
Proceedings of the 5th Symposium on Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS), Pages 251-260, January 2014
Cited by 6; acceptance ratio 41.4%
Conference Version       ECCC Report TR14-033

7.      A. Akavia, S. Goldwasser, C. Hazay
Distributed Public Key Cryptography Resilient to Continual Leakage
31th ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC) 2012
Cited by 13; acceptance ratio 43%

8.      A. Akavia
Deterministic Sparse Fourier Approximation via Fooling Arithmetic Progressions
23rd Conference on Learning Theory (COLT) 2010
Cited by 31; acceptance ratio ~ 35%

9.      A. Akavia, S. Goldwasser and V. Vainkuntanathan
Simultaneous Hardcore Bits and Cryptography against Memory Attacks
h Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC) 2009
Cited by 323; acceptance ratio 30%

10.  A. Akavia
Solving Hidden Number Problem with One Bit Oracle and Advice
29th Annual International Cryptology Conference (Crypto) 2009
Cited by 13; acceptance ratio 18%

11.  A. Akavia, R. Venkatesan
Perturbation Codes
46th Annual Allerton conference 2008
Cited by 3

12.  A. Akavia, O. Goldreich, S. Goldwasser, D. Moshkovitz,
On Basing One-Way Functions on NP-Hardness
38th Annual ACM Symposium on theory of Computing (STOC) 2006
Cited by 53; acceptance ratio 27%
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13.  A. Akavia, S. Goldwasser, M. Safra
Proving Hard-Core Predicates Using List Decoding
44th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS) 2003
Cited by 88; acceptance ratio 25%


Other publications

14.  A. Akavia
Very Local Self Correcting Homomorphism and MPC Codes
DIMACS Workshop on Property Testing, Rutgers University, April 2009

15.  A. Akavia
Finding Significant Fourier coefficients Deterministically and Locally
ECCC Report TR08-102, 2008

16.  A. Akavia
Learning Noisy Characters, Multiplication Codes and Hardcore Predicates
Ph.D. thesis, MIT, February 2008
Cited by 11

17.  A. Akavia
Designing Multi-Route Synthesis in Combinatorial Chemistry: Complexity & Algorithms
M.Sc. thesis, Tel Aviv University, September 2002